Teaching Evaluations Are In!!

I got the best holiday present ever from my students, thanks all! :'-)


"Her energy and constant joking when delivering recitations helped me pay attention and understand hard concepts when I otherwise wouldn't have been able to focus. Marzyeh made this class for me."
"MARZYEH IS THE ABSOLUTE COOLEST. Whenever a concept was discussed too briefly in class, Marzyeh made sure to go over it with us once again in recitation before diving into solving the questions. She kept recitations enjoyable by throwing in funny stories and jokes here and there. She really helped us prepare for the exams, her final reviews were concise and to the point."
"The best TA instructor! Marzyeh is always ready to help and explain the material."
"Marzyeh was without a doubt one of the best TAs that I've had in my academic career. She came to every recitation section bursting with energy and enthusiasm for the subject. Overall, she was extremely knowledge on essentially every topic. It was clear that she came to each section having previously gone over the material. For this reason, each recitation was clearly well-structured. She ensured we covered questions that we novel, let us know which questions were previous exam questions and which questions were similar to others so we would know when studying on our own. She encouraged us to study (constantly mentioning the importance of knowing the recitation questions in order to do well on the exams). She was also very down-to-earth, letting us know which questions she got wrong when she took the class and how she studied. This made the idea of understanding the material feel more attainable. She also hosted numerous review sessions (along with another TA Greg) at night from 8-10, which was great timing for students who do research all day, as well as in the afternoon for those who may live off-campus and prefer an earlier session. She was absolutely an amazing TA."

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