Applying for PhD/MSc

MSc and PhD students apply to the Department of Computer Science at The University of Toronto, indicate your interest area is Machine Learning and Mention Marzyeh Ghassemi as a PI of interest. Note that we receive a large volume of applications, and the pool is very competitive.

Our group is proud to host scholars, students, and professionals to work on important health problems with machine learning. We are the best fit for those who want to build and deploy machine learning models, often with an emphasis on health.

We value a diverse and inclusive team, and believe that the lab environment should be an intellectual safe space for contributors of different backgrounds and viewpoints.


You should either have a strong machine learning background, or strong development background.

  • Machine Learning: A good candidate should have background in math, specifically probability and linear algebra, and ideally some AI/ML coursework (optional).
  • Development: A good candidate should have a background in collaborative software projects, specifically developing in corporate software systems or significant open source contributions.


Volunteers should contact the lab with a resume (and transcript if a student) and a 2-3 paragraph description of what you would like to be involved with. Volunteers are expected to spend a minimum of 20 hours per week on their project. The large volume of applicants may cause delays in our response time.

University of Toronto Student Volunteers

  • We expect this project to be your primary academic activity outside of coursework, and will prioritize those who can be involved for at least two terms.

Non-Toronto Student Volunteers

  • You must have independent work authorization. We are not able to sponsor visas nor take on volunteers that want to work remotely.
  • We expect volunteers to available for at least 12 weeks of research, and will prioritize those who can be involved for longer.